Nike Magista Obra 2 Review

Today we are taking a look at the top line boots in the Nike Magista line, the Nike Magista Obra II (FG).  The Magista's are Nike's control boots,

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Today we are taking a look at the top line boots in the Nike Magista line, the Nike Magista Obra II (FG).  The Magista’s are Nike’s control boots, one of the 4 categories alongside Nike’s speed boots (Mercurial), attacking boots (Hypervenom), and classic touch boots (Tiempo). Some of the best players in the world are wearing the Magista’s this season, such as Arturo Vidal, Mario Gotze, Leonardo Bonucci, and Kevin De Bruyne.

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These boots are a fantastic choice if the main thing you’re looking for from your cleats are the fit. The upper, tongue, and dynamic fit collar are seamlessly integrated to create a shoe that feels like a comfortable, breathable, sock. Other highlights of this boot include the new and improved FlyKnit upper, extra layers of texturing, and modified heel.

Knitted Upper

One of the most exciting aspects of this shoe is the upper. The upper is mainly made of Nike FlyKnit, overlaid with a clear Nike Skin for protection. The Nike FlyKnit that is incorporated into this shoe has been taken to another level. There is much more texturing, flexibility, and breathability than on any previous cleat that incorporates Nike FlyKnit.

The texturing increases at the spots on the cleats where the foot makes the most contact with the ball. Nike has also featured a sort of “heat map” in the colour way, which shows deeper red at these same points of contact on the in-step and on the outside of the foot.

In these areas there are hard little nibs in the texturing where the cables overlap, which is supposed to improve your feel of the ball. This results in a feel of the ball that is padded, rather than flat.

Overall, the upper on this shoe is quite unique and stunning. As far as synthetic cleats go, these are probably some of the best on the market.

Dynamic Fit Collar

This version of the Magista Obra’s are offered only with the dynamic fit collar, which is Nike’s name for their high cut fitting boots. In this second version of the Magista Obra’s, the dynamic fit collar is much more tailored to the shape of the ankle.

At first glance, I thought that the DF collar added some protection to the ankles, similar to an ankle guard, but it’s actually just the way the colour is added that makes it seem that way.

There is no added benefit to touch or protection, but if you personally like the way the high top shoe fits then you should absolutely give this boot a shot because this may be the best fitting high-top collar out there.

The collar is molded into the shape of an ankle, instead of just being flexible fabric like the other high top cleats. It is also tapered at the top, so that it wraps more naturally around your ankle. This is the first high top collar of it’s kind, so if you’re a fan of the high top cleats, definitely try out the Magista Obra II ‘s .


One of the coolest things about these boots is the way the whole shoe is woven together so that it feels like the entire thing is made of one piece of fabric. The tongue is elastic and is indistinguishable from the upper. The laces are offset and feature Nike’s Flyknit cables for an extra-snug feel, to lock the foot in place. The result is an amazing fit, which accommodates wide and narrow feet alike.

A major upgrade made to this version of the Magista Obra’s was the adjustment to the heel area. The hard plastic on the inside of the heel doesn’t come up quite as high as the first generation Obra, which results in much less discomfort and minimal break-in time, as compared to the mercurial or first generation Obra.

The sizing of this shoe is such that it feels a half size smaller than the size you order. So, if you usually order a half size down from your regular everyday shoe size, then order your regular everyday shoe size of these cleats. If you usually go for cleats in your regular everyday shoe size, go 1/2 size up in these.

All Conditions Control

Like all top line versions of Nike’s cleats, these feature All Conditions Control technology, which repels rain and increases the friction between the ball and the cleat in slick weather. I personally really like this technology and find that it makes a big difference in wet weather.

Firm Ground Stud Pattern

The most common type of studs that players are looking for are the FG or firm ground stud pattern, which is designed for “sometimes wet, rarely muddy” weather. Because of this, I will give more information on the FG stud pattern, however, these cleats are also available in whatever stud pattern you need.

The stud pattern on the Magista Obra II’s is all about twisting and rotation traction. The forefoot has the arrangement of the the four studs placed in a circle, perfect for players who are constantly changing direction.

The studs are almost conical, but they are flat on one edge, which creates a half moon type of shape. This means that the studs are a bit more aggressive than the classic conical studs, but are not exceptionally aggressive.

This type of stud pattern is made for control type players who are going left then right constantly, not sprinting in straight lines very much.  In general, this sole plate is lighter than the previous generation, but not enough to really notice.


The upper looks really cool. I think this is the best looking shoe in the Nike line up right now. I thought there was ankle protections because of the colouring of the DF collar, but its not protective, it just looks good. The original yellow heat map colorway was quite loud and flashy, but if you’re not into that sort of thing there are also several other colourways to chose from, including the Blackout Nike Academy colour.

Overall Rating (out of 5)

This shoe is much more comfortable out of the box than the Obra I, it cushions your foot very well like the Tiempo, and it’s easier to break in than the Mercurial. It contains no leather so it’s not going to stretch. The feel you get from this type of boot is very good, though not necessarily “natural”. Durability is a common complaint with this boot, so be warned that they may not last very long if you get a pair.

Overall I think these boots are designed for a certain type of player. These boots are for the player who is not necessarily the fastest, not necessarily a purist when it comes to touch, but a player who works hard all the time and demands a shoe that performs well and doesn’t get in the way. This player’s highest priority for their boots is comfort, and they aren’t necessarily obsessed with the way the boots deliver on things like technology, weight, or feel of the ball – areas where these boots are fine but not exceptional.  These shoes are solid all around, but they are exceptional in delivering comfort. Overall, I give them 4 stars.

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Leave a comment if you have any questions, or if you own a pair of Nike Magista Obra II’s and want to share your impression with others.





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    E Thick 12 months

    At first, I had a slight issue with this statement, “I thought that the DF collar added some protection to the ankles, similar to an ankle guard, but it’s actually just the way the colour is added that makes it seem that way”. However, I believe it is for the best as the shin guard will have a protector and it is better that it does not get in the way.

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      Hi there,

      I’m not 100% sure what the issue would be with that statement, but I will try to elaborate for you. The ankle sleeve, which Nike calls the “Dynamic Fit” collar, is unique in its shape and colour. I thought that this unique shape and shading was because the sleeve provided some protection (similar to an ankle guard), which would be a first for this type of high-top cleat.

      However, it turns out that the sleeve doesn’t actually add any protection, it is thin and flexible like previous models. The sleeve is generally intended just for the purpose of fit and comfort, and this shaped collar is intended to improve on the fit and comfort of previous models, not add protection. 

      I included that statement in case other people may be thinking that the ankle sleeve adds protection, and to further explain about my impression of the sleeve’s appearance. 

      Hope that clears things up

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    How can i get this t-shirt which is showed in up i were searching this everywhere can u get me any code no: or any online delivery sites to get this tshirt in india please

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      Hi Fahad,

      The shirt is from Nike’s Aeroswift Line. Its an old model (from 2016). I found it on amazon here:
      I’m not sure if it ships to India, but its Amazon, so it should.

      Hope that helps.

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