Nike Tiempo Legend 7 Review

On July 10, 2017 Nike released their latest boot in the Tiempo collection. This boot is the Nike Tiempo Legend VII (7). Tiempo's have become famou

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On July 10, 2017 Nike released their latest boot in the Tiempo collection. This boot is the Nike Tiempo Legend VII (7). Tiempo’s have become famous because of players such as Ronaldinho, Pirlo, Pique and others who are legends of the beautiful game. Tiempo’s are a classic line of boots because they are all about simplicity and tradition, however with the latest release of Tiempo Legends Nike has included a whole bunch of new technology resulting in a boot that gives the best of both worlds: the traditional and the modern.

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Traditional elements retained

A good amount of kangaroo leather is included all the way around the front of the boot. This is a thick, soft, high quality leather that allows for an excellent feel of the ball. The K-leather wraps around the boot and is in place where the foot usually contacts the ball (instep, top, and outside). This leather is overlaid above a ribbed internal skeleton support frame, which has been included in many of the Tiempo Legend’s this far. Also included in the Nike Tiempo Legend VII’s is the patented, top secret All Conditions Control technology, which helps you retain your touch in wet weather conditions.

Ribbed Skeleton

When you first look at the new Tiempo, you notice that there is a very distinct ribbed pattern across the whole of the upper of the shoe. This is because the internal skeleton is made from a much thicker foam than previous generations of the boot, and it is laid out to give a ribbed, almost wavy pattern. This new feature does not affect the touch, due to the light density of the foam, but rather is in place to provide more structure to the boot. Usually a kangaroo leather boot will exhibit a good deal of stretch throughout the shoe and especially in the front toe-box area. However, this ribbed structure prevents the K-leather from stretching out very much, and allows for an extra-responsive boot, which we normally wouldn’t expect from a kangaroo leather boot.

Fit Mesh Liner

Nike introduced a new fit mesh liner into this version of the Tiempo, which at first seems a tad odd. It is slightly loose and not stretched out along the inside of the boot. However, this is because when you place your foot into the boot the liner stretches out around your foot and provides a secure, locked in fit, which was a common complaint with the previous model. As the K-leather stretches, your foot can slip around inside, however, this problem is eliminated with the new Fit Mesh Liner. In general, there is more padding included around the inside of this boot, which allows the wearer to feel really locked in.

The Tongue and Lacing System

The tongue of the boot is also constructed from FlyKnit material, and its thickness is alternated to match the ribbed pattern of the rest of the upper. This allows the wearer to experience a nice, consistent contact with the ball, and stops the feeling of irritation that can sometimes be caused by wearing your laces too tight.

This boot has the tongue right in the middle of the shoe, which can sometimes become annoying for the wearer because it can drift to either side. However, Nike has solved this issue by fixing the tongue in place with stitching connecting it to the sides of the shoe. They have also added FlyWire cables to the first three holes of the lacing system, which are secured all the way through the sides of the skeleton of the shoe. This allows for an extra secure, locked in fit.

Overall, the tongue and lacing system provides a very tight, secure fit. The flyknit tongue allows for some flexibility when you put it on, and then almost feels sucked on to your skin. The FitMesh Liner locks your foot in place inside the boot, and the FlyKnit cables added to the lacing system add an extra bit of security all the way up your foot to the ankle.

These boots run true to size (if you wear an 8 in everyday life, a size 8 of these cleats will fit you), although they run a tad wider than most boots on the market. 

FlyKnit Technology

For the first time ever, Nike introduced Fly-Knit technology into the back half of the boot. This is intended to allow for a better fit and breathability, with less stretch than the traditional kangaroo leather all the way around. The FlyKnit material is overlaid with clear Nike skin, which allows the FlyKnit cables to be visible and gives a nice visual effect. FlyKnit cables provide a synthetic component to the shoe, which adds to the durability and fit of the boot, as FlyKnit is intended to provide a second-skin like feel. However, the advantage of FlyKnit over regular synthetics is that it is breathable and more flexible, which enhances the comfort of the boot.

Stud Pattern

The new Nike Tiempo’s have a stud pattern that closely resembles that of the Nike Mercurial. They use four bladed studs at the back and six conical studs under the forefoot, which gives a much meaner appearance. They also include a chevron style stud right in the middle of the forefoot, which allows for quick deceleration.  The new stud pattern provides excellent ability to take off powerfully, and change direction on a dime. The studs are secured to Nike’s plastic hyperstability sole plate, which is highly flexible. This stud pattern is a definite improvement over the Tiempo VI’s.


The classic appearance of the Tiempo is retained, but there is a very distinct twist. The whole point of the Tiempo is simplicity, and these boots are definitely a step in a more technologically advanced direction, as compared to other Tiempos. That said, the game is evolving, and the Tiempo VII’s represent a modern twist on a classic boot. Although the boot is made of 2 materials, they appear seamlessly integrated from front to back. The ribbed upper gives a bit of a buff look to the cleats, but this can also look quite intimidating. The colours offered are all black with white swooshes outlined in gold for a classic look, or the tad more flashy black faded to orange at the back, with white swooshes. These boots are also available in half or full grain calf leather, which can provide a better touch and feel, with a slight trade off of durability.

Overall rating(out of 5)

I am a long time wearer of Nike Tiempo’s. I love the classic and simple design, with minimal technology added. As a purist, I am a bit disappointed to see Nike taking a step away from the Tiempo brand that I know and love. However, the modern game demands getting an edge however necessary, so it may be good that the Tiempo’s can offer enhancements to touch and overall performance on the field. These Tiempo’s offer the best of modern technology, without sacrificing the traditional elements that make the Tiempo a classic. Overall, I give these boots 4 stars.

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    Katie 1 year

    Thank you for this thorough review of the Nike Tiempo Legend 7. Would you say it stays true to size if you have worn other Nike Tiempos before? Also, since you give this cleat 4-stars, is there another one out there that you would recommend and give 5 stars? I’d love to hear your opinion on others!

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      Hi Katie,

      Unless there is a cleat that is 100% perfect in every way, I don’t think I would give it 5 stars. We give most of the top line boots from Nike the 4 star rating. If we are really blown away, we would give a 4.5 or maybe a 5 star rating. Otherwise if we are reviewing lower level boots we would give a lesser rating. I think 4 stars is great! 

      Thanks for your comment. Its possible other readers were confused about that too, so thanks for bringing it up!

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