Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3 Review

We are taking a look at the new Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3, the newest release in Nike's Hypervenom line of soccer cleats. This cleat is available with

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We are taking a look at the new Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3, the newest release in Nike’s Hypervenom line of soccer cleats. This cleat is available with or without the dynamic fit collar (labelled DF on the product name).

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The main difference between the Hypervenom Phantom 3 and its predecessors is that this boot is intended for the all out attacker, instead of just being an agility type of boot. This version features a brand new strike zone, with pads to improve your strike and touch. It also incorporates Flyknit technology, which improves fit and breathability, and also makes the boot more light weight.

Unlike the past hypervenom phantom boots 1 and 2, Nike has strayed away from marketing the phantom 3’s as agility boots, instead to, “lethal finishers”. Because of this, Nike has revamped their entire boot in order to suit a goal scorer mind geared for attacking players.

The Strike Zone – Improved striking ability and control

The main redefining trait about this boot is the striker aspect of it.  They have enhanced the boot by restructuring the strike zone – the tip of the boot where you typically make contact with the ball when you kick.  They added  PORON foam pods to the strike zone, because the pods harden on impact which creates a firmer and more precise shot. Consequently, when dribbling the ball, or receiving passes, you’re much more in control, and overall it is way more natural. More incredible is when you take a shot, the poron foam pads activate, thus reducing the amount of impact you would feel.

An additional feature included in the strike zone are the hollow pods that line the instep.  The result is added cushioning which helps the ball to not get caught under your boot. Due to the fact that the material is hollow, it limits the amount of rebound and promotes a high level of “tight” control.

Nike Flyknit – A minimalist design with maximum return

With soccer boots, it is incumbent that comfort is a top priority; it can make or break a player’s performance if comfort isn’t properly achieved.  In particular to the Hypervenom Phantom 3, the Nike team decided to employ Flyknit technology. Flyknit technology was originally engineered for marathon runners, then was carried  over into many of the soccer boots we see today. This fabric is precisely engineered to emulate a featherweight, formfitting feel, similar to a second skin, which is intended to provide an edge to the athlete.

All Conditions Control – Play your best in any weather

For some time now, Nike has included All Conditions Control technology into the construction of their boots. This allows for increased friction between the ball and the boot in the rain, which allows for better control of the ball in wet conditions. The difference between a pair of boots with and without ACC technology is immediately obvious once you try them. Nike is quite secretive with what exactly the ACC entails, but it really makes a noticeable difference. Surely there is more going on here than just a waterproofing spray applied to the uppers.

Hyperactive Soleplate – Don’t slip because of your studs

We’ve all played games where we are sprinting down the field with the ball,  or are chasing an opponent when suddenly out of nowhere we wipe-out at the worst possible moment  in the game. With the hypervenom phantom 3, unlike the past phantom 1 and 2, they have incorporated two types of studs on the sole: hybrid conical studs and chevron blades- to eliminate that from happening.  The combination of  conical studs  on the inner side of the sole  for quick penetration, and chevron blades on the exterior sole for acceleration  improves overall traction from your foot to the field.  This encourages dynamic movement in tight spaces, and acceleration movement going forward.
Furthermore, Nike has improved the material of the soleplate, making it more pliable so it is bendable in both directions. This is important, because it allows for  the foot to bend more smoothly with the ball, thus increasing movement.

Dynamic Fit Collar – Sock like comfort

A striking feature to the boot is the dynamic fit collar.  As we keep in mind that flyknit technology roots back to marathon runners, the common feedback they received from runners was the demand for a shoe with sock-like qualities.  Since we cannot play soccer without running, Nike designed this boot to meet the needs of athletes who run a lot, thus, they integrated the feedback they received from runners into the design of the hypervenom 3. Through micro-engineering Nike was able to refine a boot with precise placement of support, flexibility and breathability that makes running around a pitch for 90 minutes as comfortable as possible. For those who are environmentally conscious, the Hypervenom phantom 3 are also environmentally more sustainable than previous versions. The flyknit material is manufactured into the boot in one consistent wrap, unlike the previous construction that required 3 separate layers.


The Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3 follows in the tradition of previous versions which are known for their loud, bold colours which beg to be noticed. The latest version is available in laser orange, black and volt white, or in a solid black colour. Harry Kane and Gonzalo Higuaín will be sporting these boots during the upcoming 2017/2018 season.

Overall Rating (Out of 5)

I own a pair of the Hypervenom Phantom 2 for women, and have had them for a year.  I always felt that Nike did a great job creating the sock-like feel. The boots really molded to my feet well, and I always felt like I had great control with the ball. However, the shoe falls short  durability wise. Within the first 3 months of having them, holes in both of the collars of the boot occurred.  I was quite upset by this, as the boot is quite expensive and should therefore not render tares. Beyond that, I was very impressed  with the technology- I felt  I was a faster sprinter because of them, and it facilitated sharp agile cuts more easily.  I am looking to buy a new boot for this season, and I am strongly considering the Hypervenom Phantom 3. I would rate this boot 4 stars.

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