Adidas Nemeziz 17+360 Agility Review

  DISRUPT THE GAME. BRING DEVASTATING AGILITY WITH NEMEZIZ 17 Today we will be looking at the Adidas Nemeziz 17+360 Agility boots. These boots

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Today we will be looking at the Adidas Nemeziz 17+360 Agility boots. These boots are built for the agile creator. Adidas designed these boots as the ultimate tool for agile soccer players, with the goal in mind of enhancing  players ability to be crafty in tight spots, with quick movements and close control on the ball. Not surprisingly, the Nemeziz 17+360 were inspired by Lionel Messi in the first place. The black and white zebra striped boots are bold, making them stands-outs on the pitch.

Revolutionary Technology: The Agility Bandage

Inspired by ancient battle, in dance and sport, Adidas incorporated the use of taping for increased physical strength. Like medical bandage, the idea is to wrap your foot securely to reinforce stability, while still ensuring mobility.

The agility bandage features torsion tape technology, to ensure the foot is locked down in place while delivering the ultimate fit. It begins around the ankle, where pieces (elastic material) are layered across each other to create an entry point (the V shape cut around the ankle). It continues through the lacing system and down to the touch and control region of the boot, where it meets the second form of technology: The Agility knit 2.0.

Around the front of the boot, the interlocking yarn structure provides a soft direct and lightweight adaptable feel. The agility knit is covered with a very thin synthetic layer to provide durability, and texture. The result is a bumpy feel, which helps for additional grip, leaving you with a better touch on the ball.

Torsion Frame

The underfoot of the boot features the use of Adidas’ new torsion frame. Through the mid-foot, a dual layer spine is included to add support, while not decreasing the amount of flex.  The forefront also has a great deal of flex, making it an overall pliable boot.

The transparent sole plate includes 7 studs up front, and 4 studs under the heel. By taking away the external heel counter of the sprint frame and adding the counter inside the heel, it eliminates the need for laces, by making sure your foot feels secure and locked in to the boot.

How Do They Fit?

When any brand introduces a lace less boot, you always questions whether they will actually fit your foot properly, and if they will actually stay on your feet. Even though they are lace-less, these boots still feel snug across your foot.

The intelligent use of the ‘taping’ bandage creates a very stretchable boot. Because of its elastic properties (being so stretchy) in the upper material, it offers the best fit across different foot shapes. That means a wide foot can feel very comfortable in this boot.

The Nemeziz 17+360’s  are known for being “one of the most natural fittings boots” to possibly ever wear.  Slipping them on and off is very easy. Because Adidas used a ‘V shaped’ cut around the ankle, it provides additional stretch which allows for the front and back lip to act as pivot points so that you can easily push your feet in.

Breaking Them In

When you buy a new pair of boots it can be difficult to break them in. However, with the Nemeziz 17+360’s,  you can play with them right away and not have to worry about getting blisters and breaking them in.

Because of the added technology (the agility knit, the torsion frame, and the agility bandage) the boot supports itself. On the sole of the boot, is a layer with a padded suede material to offer extra grip for your socks, so you don’t have to worry about slipping inside your boot.  Adidas also added very small silicon squares on the front lip to help give additional grip.

The only area of concern where comfort is compromised is with the dual-lock collar. Because it secures the ankle in place to enable explosive change of direction, the elastic material wraps very close to your ankle, so it presses up against your ankle during tight turns and quick changes of direction. Some players may not like the feel of that. However, the material is so soft that it would not actually irritate your leg.

Laces  vs  No Laces

When it comes to laces or no laces, its all about preference. The Nemeziz 17+ fit very nicely, with the ability to secure an even tighter fit, allowing you to dictate the level of pressure between the boot and your foot.

However, without the agility bandage (dual-lock collar) you lose out on the increased stability offered by them. So, it all depends on what you’re looking for.


I would rate this boot a 4.5/5.   It earns several points in the comfort department. I love a boot that hugs and molds to my feet.

As a midfielder (winger) it’s so important that I am able to feel the ball on my foot. In fact, the fit of the boot is always the first thing I look at  when it comes to buying a boot.

I also give it several points for the fact that it is an agility boot. As a midfielder, I have to be able to cut in and change directions very quickly. The agility bandage, the torsion frame and agility knit facilitate quick bursts of explosive movement, taking the boot to the next level.

Where the boots fall short is with the dual-mid collar. I prefer having a mid-collar, (a dynamic fit collar that contours the ankle more efficiently) as I feel my ankle is more “locked in” making me feel more snug like I am wearing a sock.

Also, the pressure of the material from the agility bandage rubbing against my ankle would bother my legs. For many players,  it may not affect them, however, for me it would bother me. All in all, the Nemeziz 17+360 Agility boot is revolutionary and are re-defining soccer.

Please leave a comment below letting me know what you think of these boots. Any criticisms ? Share them! Played with them in a match or practice? Let me know how they felt!



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    Jóhann H. Ragnarsson 12 months

    I always played in Adidas when I was a player, like the brand a lot.
    This shoe looks excellent for attackers like you say, it very important to get the feeling for the ball.
    When you mention about the Messi connect it say a lot for which type of players it´s made for. But you mention it for the midfielder too, is it right understanding that you have an attacking midfielder in mind? Because defender needs very secure shoes like you know so you don´t need to be afraid that fall down when the grass gets weet.
    But thank you for very great information about the shoes, I see it will be excellent for many players.

    • comment-avatar

      Hi, Johann,

      Yes, an attacking midfielder would be perfect for wearing them. Midfielders are constantly required to quickly shift directions to get them out of tight spaces. An attacking midfielder is usually the play-maker for the forwards, which require them to be extremely agile, as defenders quickly close down on them since attacking mids are very dangerous. So, whether you’re an attacking midfielder or a defending midfielder the demands remain the same.

      Hope that clears things up

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