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This is a space created by footballers, for footballers who are serious about their performance.

Only the highest quality, most cutting edge products, information, and training systems make it into the hub so that you don’t have to waste your time trying things that don’t work. 

For more than a decade we have been searching for anything that would help give us an edge in soccer. From cleats and equipment to drills, fitness routines, and everything in between, we have seen it all.

We’ve tested out more products, training systems, and advice than we can remember. A lot of it was hype. Some of it worked. And some of it worked so well that it helped us reach new levels in our game. That’s the stuff that we are here to bring to you. 

Who are we ? 


 I am Celeste. I have a bronze medal in the Canada Soccer National Championships, earned a scholarship to play varsity soccer at university in Canada in the U-Sport league, and hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Neuroscience.


I am Larissa. I am currently on scholarship playing varsity soccer at university in Canada in the U-Sport league, and I am working towards a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Science.

We are both hugely passionate about soccer. Together, we’ve scoured the footballing world and distilled the most useful stuff we could find into easy to read articles, product recommendations, and training advice.

We hope you find it useful.